Monday, September 11, 2017

Why We Should Date Our Grandparents?

 There is something special about the bond we can develop with our grandparents. And while we love our parents, there is no doubt about that, our grandparents are these cool adults that we c us, their grandkids, all the way.

Grandparents are often considered by many pan depend on. They seem to be on a mission, and that is to pamper and supporteople as a figure of authority, but they can be loving, kind, and compassionate. We can learn a lot from them. They too can learn from us.

They can give us a look at a world we had never seen or experienced. Their valuable advice and words of wisdom, if we are willing to listen, can guide us through the ups and downs of life. They can give us, above all, unconditional love.

We must not let the busy lives we are leading today to prevent us from spending time with them more often. Their days are numbered and we have to take advantage of the time left before they leave.The time is precious, that's why we have to treasure every minute that we are going through with the special
people in our lives.

We can consider ourselves fortunate if we can still have both of them alive. So how do we want to spend our precious time with our grandparents? The best way I can find to suggest is to have a special date with them, in as much and as often as possible.

We have to go out with them because they can teach us morals and values ​that we might need. The lessons they can teach us are deeper in many ways thanks to their wisdom gained from long years of experience. The more time we spend with them, the more we will learn to gather the valuable lessons of life that will help us in the long run.

Another important reason why we should date our grandparents is the fact that in doing so, it can bring happiness to them. We must remember that it is our duty to worship the elders of our family and show them respect. The time is short. But making the most of our time with them is even shorter as they can leave us without warning, at any time, into their autumnal sleep.

We can teach our grandparents how to use the Internet, too. Yes, we can teach them how to use social media like, for example, Facebook. But do we really have to? The answer is a big YES! We are all social animals and teaching them, our grandparents, how to use the social is a way to recognize their value as they age.
It can even have a positive impact on their overall health, as we humans are known to do better when we connect with others. It will surely brighten both their days and yours as the union strengthens.

Nothing makes our grandparents happier than when we make them special and cared for.

So, what else? Well, let me continue. When we are spending quality time with our grandparents, we can learn more about our own parents.They can help us understand or learn more about our parents by telling us stories such as those how they have raised our parents, for example, and the challenges of life that they have gone through.

Being with our grandparents from time to time, as long as we have the opportunity, we will discover that their love is without limit. If our parents can give us the love that we deserve, our grandparents can make us feel the love that's special.Their love can have a positive effect on us.

The time we spend with our grandparents, every minute of it, is never wasted. It has many positive effects not only for us, their grandchildren, but also, most importantly, for them. And oh, it may delay, according to one study, dementia.
We know that for older people like our grandparents, dealing with dementia is a great challenge. It is also very difficult for us to see them getting worse. But we must show our love to them in actions. We have to be there for them.

We must find time to promote their interests so that we can divert their attention to things that can make them productive and not focused on their illness. If our grandparents like to read, then we can keep a well-stocked library at home. If they like music, we can simply create a playlist of their favorite songs and make sure they are available to them at all times wherever they are. If they are known to be creative and want to create something, we can show our support by being interested in what they are doing.

There are so many things we can do while we are with them. It is our duty and responsibility to take good care of them because we owe them that much. It is a way of saying thanks to them by returning the favor of caring for our parents without which we would not have existed today in the first place.

If we already have a family of our own, we should encourage our grandparents to also spend time with our children.The bond that unites us to our grandparents must continue to our own children.There are a lot of things we can do together to strengthen this bond.

We can cook them their favorite meal. We can encourage them to exercise because this can be good for their health even by simply walking with them in the park or elsewhere. We can take groupies with them using our smart phones.
We can take them to historical sites so they can have something to remember from the past. We can ask them what it's like to live during World War II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War. We can check some old family albums together and ask them about these old pictures.

We must ask them how they have lived, their love life, and their childhood.Truly our grandparents can give us a treasure trove of knowledge and a true sense of life. But even a simple and sweet conversation with them is enough to see the smiles that radiate on their faces.

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