KhabarLive is a Bi-lingual web news portal, it was launched in July, 2017 in New Delhi/Hyderabad by an eminent media entrepreneur with a lofty ideal to serve unbiased news.

KhabarLive readers include a broad spectrum of Hindi and English-speaking intellectuals and professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers, educationists and an enterprising trading community, besides housewives, the youth and children.
KhabarLive maintains high journalistic standards. It focuses on the issues faced by the community, fights for their rights, highlights the achievements of the individuals and recognizes those who make a mark in their chosen fields.

Visitors are encouraged to provide us tips and feedback via our tip mailbox at hydnews@gmail.com -Tips are always anonymous. We will not reply to all tips received, however in certain cases we may contact for more information/verification.

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