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What is a Sponsored Post?
A sponsored post is when a blogger receives payment to publish an article provided by the sponsor or written by the blogger, but includes at least one contextual link.  The article is known as a sponsored post, guest post, post with a link and probably many other names. They are charged as per the KhabarLive offered services.

Sponsored posts gaining in popularity
Sponsored posts are becoming more widespread than a traditional text link in the sidebar or footer.  Google continually strives to combat links meant for SEO (search engine optimization) or SERP manipulation.  Placing a link within the context of an entire article is much more difficult to discover because it seems to appear naturally.  After all, most legitimate (non-paid) links are placed within the context of an article when someone is referencing another source or touting a product or service they like. 

Do they benefit bloggers?
Overall, the movement towards sponsored posts have benefited bloggers in terms of money.  Charge more for a sponsored post than for a text link in the sidebar.  Charge more because the link is now being distributed throughout the network.  Feed subscribers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers and many more in social networking are all going to help propagate the article.  It will even sit on home page for a few days as a new post.  In addition, Do get an article that is typically written in a style that does well from an SEO perspective.  The quality of the content provided varies tremendously.

Who writes the sponsored post?
The article is usually provided by you.  We will publish it as is.  However, as the blog publisher, ultimately any content to get publish, KhabarLive can make the decision as to who writes the article.  A sponsored post seller typically won’t have a problem with this, unless they focus a lot on SEO and want to control the content and titles.  Also, know that you KhabarLive charge more by in-house writers, since it requires more investment of time.

What’s in a sponsored post?
A sponsored post isn’t an article touting a product, it’s an article related to your website keywords and usually inline with your existing content, that has a link or two in it.  That’s it, nothing more.  

If you need, you can request KhabarLive to provide the article’s topic / link.   The follow links in the article are there for an SEO benefit to your sites.  If they can get that article to do well in terms of Google PageRank and applicable keywords, it benefits you.

How much should I charge?
We charge based on your sites Google PageRank, traffic, link popularity and keyword strength or relevance to the links being placed.  Social network reach won’t play a significant role in this type of service, but if you have a strong StumbleUpon or Twitter network that can create article traction quickly, be sure to mention it.

This chart is a just a guide to what INNLIVE charge on blogs.  Many will argue whether it’s website traffic or PageRank that determines price.  A new factor is now domain authority and trust from companies like SEOMoz.  A good rule of thumb is $100 per PageRank.

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