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We Accept & Pay For High-Quality Articles

We pay in the range of $20 to $100 per article depending on the writer’s ability & the amount of research required for the topic.

If you can write a well researched in-depth article, then the payment amount is $80 (article above 3000 words)


The article should be in the final shape. Ready to publish. Matching with the quality standards.

The article will not be published on your name (No Author Credits For Paid Work)

The payments will be made immediately after we accepted & approved your article.

If you want us to review your work because you are not yet proficient but confident to meet our quality standard,

The price would be half ($40) but you will learn & improve your writing skills through our feedback

Writing Tip – You can write a high-quality article if you can understand the problem of the audience and come up with a well-researched solution.

(Refer this video to understand what we expect at the storyline level – you can go a step ahead)

If your article needs editing even after we provided you first level of review & structural suggestions, then we will reject the article without paying anything. We pay the price only in the cases when we don’t have to spend extra time on the work.

We can’t work with writers who submit below the expected level of work.

If you don’t need money but want to publish the article on your name, then you can submit your article as Guest Post. We will gladly link back to your website in your Author Bio.

Requirements for September Month
Pick any one of topics and send us a storyline in Google word or text document. Attach the images with the email.

- Personality or heroic stories
- Political issues
- Corporate issues
- Business issues
- Consumer issues
- Fashion related
- Travel related
- Motivational & Inspirational
- Civic issues
- India specific NRI issues
- Local Issues
- Investigation stories
- Social & Cultural Issues
- Youth related issues
- Women related issues

Deadline for article completion is 7 days after we approve the storyline structure.

Tell us up front if you want to pick $80 option or $40. We will review accordingly.

Suggestion: $80 for expert writers who have already written such epic posts – $40 for bloggers who have written at least one such article in the past.

Send your submissions to, keep cc to

Note: You will receive a response in 48 hours, only if your work is accepted.  No response means your storyline was not accepted.

Hot Careers in #KhabarLive News Network

Last year, we started out with small steps powering a big dream. A dream of being the best in the business of blogging and social media. Each of the passing months has been splendid. Each for a very different reason. Some by sheer spectacular outcomes that beat our grandest expectations to pulp. Yet others, where our hopes for great results was bettered by experiences that we would label 'humbling'!

All this means something else as well. There never has been a dull year moment. Simple projects. Grandiose ones. Difficult asks. Now, to top it all : a dream to elevate the game to the next level.

The other day we sat at the drawing board and sketched out our plans for the future. With the wonderful things that came out of it, the team wanted more smart heads and hands. We realised that scripting of the dreams that we are dreaming up requires more cool people and cooler aspirations. Naturally, we thought, what better than to blog about this and let you awesome bloggers know.

Could that be you? Or maybe someone you know?

If you want to build your career at the snazzy intersection where Bloggers and Brands work up the magic, or work with a community who redefines itself with every post on the blogsphere, well, do drop in a note!

We are looking for people with energy and verve. The 'passionate about results' kind of people. Folks that prefer being handed a canvas rather than a completed picture. You know, the kind of people who detest being 'told'. The kind that go after results like a determined rocket with a perfect lift off.

We are looking for people in
"Content & Social, Campaign Management, Business Development, Event Manager, Web Developers / PHP Programmers, Web/Graphic Designers, Admin, Logistics, Support."

We could write many posts on what it is to work with us. We could tell you how cool we are. To impress you, we may show you our client list. A peek into our community of bloggers? Perhaps pictures of cakes & bouquets sent by clients. The accolades won. The formats launched. The brands that rose to prominence. Over the years, we realise that such stuff never manages to give the full picture. That picture is complete only when you are in the picture.

Give us a shout at with details about you and the wonderful work you've done till now. Lets get talking.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

​Do You Wish To Contribute – Is There Something You Wish To Publish? 

Do You Wish To Contribute – Is There Something You Wish To Publish?

Want to raise your voice? 

Interested to express something, even a 'tip' will do for us, you can email us.

Please email

We will publish on our website / news blogs / social media platforms / print and electronic publications.

If you wish, you can now self-publish your opinions or links to your blog posts directly –  email us – we immediately publish!

Do you have an interesting article, a Youtube video (or images, etc) that you wish to publish using our site or social platforms – Please do let us know !

All About Freedom Of Speech & Expression

We would like to categorize submissions to #KhabarLive.

An Introduction
The title of this platform consists of two very weighted words: ‘Khabar+Live’ and we must all strive to uphold that. However, an opinion can never be diplomatic; the word in itself means your personal version of your viewpoint of the event at hand – its your personal bias. It’s not a narration of events or news reporting and thus leaves no space for detailing out what the pros and cons are.

We aim to publish your opinions without any personal bias or views, as you send them to us; only editing what is required from an editorial team. #KhabarLive in not pro-left, pro-right, pro-any religion, pro-any caste or pro-any other division of society you can come up with.

There will be occasions where you, as a reader, will come across posts that go against everything you hold dear in context to the subject matter of the post. You can always put together another piece on why you feel what you feel and we’ll publish it! Not only will you get your point across, you will be able to convey it to a larger audience- everyone who accesses the site. That’s the beauty of #KhabarLive - we don’t mind publishing conflicting, strong-worded articles up; in fact, it simply makes our day.

Do send in all your submissions at with the subject being ‘Article Submission’. You can attach the document containing the text (including the image/video attributions) and the images and sent it to us via email – makes it easier for us.

As you can see from the examples above, these are meant to be witty, intelligent, though-provoking, Rofling and most importantly out-side the box / something different than what is reported in traditional media. They are NOT meant to be verbose, but are meant to convey a story using Videos, Pictures (both moving and still) and other visuals for a strong effect.

Please do include the sources when you submit such a post so that we can acknowledge them – and please do spend some time in creating/assembling the right set of visuals – which is extremely important  ! Remember – think outside the box and be creative.


Just because we’ve harped on and on about how it’s great to have an opinion, there is a very, very bold and obvious line to it; a line which you may fail to see because of your opinion. No discriminatory or derogatory comment will be allowed on any caste, creed, religion, sex or any other community bound by common beliefs. All adult content, abusive languages, ‘french’ words and unwarranted adult references will be censored.

Lastly and we would write this in capital letters  – do not plagiarize. We look for unpublished, original work not taken from any source. It goes without saying that using open sources of information such as Google News, Wikipedia and the like is fine as long as it aids your research – You must give references to such works in your article and give credit for the images or the videos you have used.


It should be 100% original and not be taken from any source or work published before.

Once published at #KhabarLive – they cannot be published elsewhere – that would be deemed a Copyright violation

Contributors are fully responsible for the content of their posts, granting #KhabarLive the license to use them in perpetuity.

In adding the articles to the web-site we reserve the right to make edits.

The decision to accept any post resides with the administrators of the site.

The terms can be changed at any time and all terms are the discretion of the administrators of the site.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

In short, it’s really not that complicated. Have an opinion? Write it down and send it to us. Keep it original, simple, thorough and most importantly, legal.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Why We Should Date Our Grandparents?

 There is something special about the bond we can develop with our grandparents. And while we love our parents, there is no doubt about that, our grandparents are these cool adults that we c us, their grandkids, all the way.

Grandparents are often considered by many pan depend on. They seem to be on a mission, and that is to pamper and supporteople as a figure of authority, but they can be loving, kind, and compassionate. We can learn a lot from them. They too can learn from us.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

#KhabarLive - #Writers And #Contributors Needed

Like to Write? 

Want to Become a 'KhabarLive / Bitcoin' Enthusiast? 
Then.... We Want You!

This ad is always relevant. As our site kept growing massively over the past few months, it became pretty hard for our very small and busy team (1 – 3 people – depends when) to keep up with all the work that we WANT to do. So, for the past month we are trying as hard as we can to find more people to work with us as writers to help us keep the content up to date, news flowing  – and expand to new areas we did not touch before. Our goal is to build a team of people that are well familiar with the online world and want to help other people stay safer and informed!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Why The Indian Women Drinking Alcohol On The Rise, Nowadays?

A sudden spike in the drinking habits of women in India has caused an interesting stir. KhabarLive attempts to shed some light on the possible causes of this unexpected sea change.
Since as far back as we can remember, Indian culture has been synonymous with conservative conduct and a hint of regressive thinking when it comes to talking about the modernisation of Indian women.
That being said, the past couple of years have seen a definite paradigm shift, which has fuelled discussions about progressive changes for the female species."I can judge what is right for me and what is not."
Such changes have meant that the otherwise demure fair sex have now been able to keep up with life in 21st century India. The traditional kitchen setting has now paved way for corporate boardrooms. Coy dresses have been replaced by an audacious vogue sense. And milieu has been transcended beyond the family wall to keep lifestyles in accordance with modern society.

No Light In Sight For Tamil Nadu's 'Powerless' Villages

As the sun retires for the night, leaving a crescent moon behind to light up the dark hilly terrain, mothers take up the onerous task of dragging their protesting children from playgrounds. The gossiping women disperse with dimming light and trudge back home, relying more on muscle memory than sight.
Darkness is palpable in the hilly hamlets of Sullimettupatti in Anaimalai, Dhumanur in Anaikatti and Singarapatti in Aliyar. Lost in the din of the official chest-thumping about 100 per cent electrification is the clamour of these villagers for power connection. The scene has not changed since 1947.
While those is nearby towns and faraway cities grapple with first-world problems like slow internet and load-shedding, people in inhospitable hilly terrain rush home before nightfall to ensure their sole source of light — lanterns — are fuelled for the haul. The plight of these villagers stand in stark contrast to what the officials claim is the reality: that there is no house without power connection.